New Series 7M Pro-Line Tools Work With Makita Batteries

November 8, 2019

Linemen tools that work with Makita batteries

The most reliable lineman tools in the industry just got a little bit better. 

Huskie Tools heard the suggestions from linemen who prefer to have one battery for all of their tools and is happy to announce their Series 7M Pro-Line Tools, which work with Makita LXT® 18V LithiumIon Batteries.

“By adopting and implementing the Makita battery platform, we have positioned Huskie Tools to continue to offer the best battery powered hydraulic cutting and compression tools in the industry on a battery platform that is widely accepted by a wide range of customers,” said Tom Russo, Huskie field sales and marketing specialist. “The utility industry is calling for a simplified approach to battery platforms, and tools that stand the test of time.”

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery charges faster and works longer than standard lithium-ion batteries, which will allow linemen less downtime and better cutting and compression tool performance. 

Makita Battery lineman tools

Adding the Makita platform to the Huskie Line allows lineman to reduce the number of batteries and chargers needed on trucks, allows them to use the same battery for power tools and battery-powered hydraulic tools, and gives them the option to continue using the best cutting and compression tools the industry has to offer.

This latest line provides the same dependability and quality Huskie has been delivering for electrical industry workers for more than 40 years.

“We have always been in touch with our customers’ needs, the release of this series is no different. We keep our finger on the pulse of this ever-evolving industry,” Russo said.

Industry Leading

The Series 7M Pro Line features a wide variety of compression, cutting and other tools that features the company’s S7 technology, including audio/visual completed cycle verification, tracking of cycle counts, pressure output and Bluetooth connectivity to download data for records. 

“The Series 7M line builds off of our world-class Series 7 line, with the added benefit of the Makita battery,” said Larry Kotars, Executive VP of Sales at Huskie Tools. “Our lineman tools are still stainless steel, ergonomically designed, lightweight, durable and good for 50,000 cycles.” 

The Series 7M Pro Line features a line of 19 professional-grade compression tools with a crimp force that ranges from 6 to 15 tons.  This line includes compression tools with optimized hydraulics offering 20 percent faster advance and 30 percent faster retraction speeds than older generation tools. A handle forward design provides improved tool balance and handling.

Man cutting using Lineman Tools

The new series has 14 models in the area of cutting tools – 12 tools that feature a cutting force of 6 to 9 tons and two models of gear-driven cable cutters. These tools include lightweight ergonomic designs that allows for one-handed operation and maneuverability in tight spaces.

The new line will continue Huskie’s commitment to linemen by allowing them to increase efficiency, free up space on already crowded trucks, and delivering the most reliable tools on a premiere battery platform.

Huskie Tools is not affiliated, authorized, or endorsed by Makita Corporation. 

Makita listed batteries and chargers are being re-sold by Huskie Tools. Makita® and LXT®  are registered trademarks of Makita Corporation.

Some highlights include:

Battery Features:

Rapid charging: Batteries reach full charge in 45 minutes or less.

Protection against overloading, overcharging and overheating.

Longer run times and consistent power, even in extreme conditions.

Integrated LED battery charge level indicator.

Huskie Makita Battery and Charger

Cutting and Compression Tools:

Service Entrance and Transformer Hook-Ups: These durable compact tools provide 6 Ton compression force and easily handle lugs and splices up to 350 MCM Aluminum or 500 MCM Copper and H-Taps up to 4/0-4/0. Many of these tools feature the convenience of interchangeable jaw sets, allowing use with a wide range of industry standard “W”, “X”, and “O” type dies and optional cutting jaws with capacity up to 350 MCM Aluminum, 500 MCM Copper and 336 MCM ACSR.

service entrance lineman tools

Crimping Tools for Non-tension Splices and Terminations (up to 750MCM CU/AL): The four-sided dieless crimp system is specifically designed to crimp Anderson style connectors and others manufactured to ANSI C119.4 specifications. Integrated crimping nibs eliminate the need for individual dies sets and apply 6.2 Ton crimping force equally at four points around lugs and splices creating a secure connection.

Lineman Crimping Tools

Overhead Tools: Huskie’s rugged 12 Ton pistol-grip style tools are ergonomically designed and balanced for overhead work on cable tray or from a utility bucket. Easy one-hand tool operation allows the free hand to position the work. Compatible with industry-standard “U” dies and Kearney style dies, these tools can handle lugs & splices up to 750 MCM CU/AL and ACSR up to 1033 MCM. Huskie’s overhead cutting tools feature specially designed jaws for strength and durability, with cutting capacities up to 1590 MCM ACSR.

Overhead lineman tools

Substation and distribution:  Huskie’s 15 Ton compression tools are built on our popular inline housing style for ease of use and increased versatility across a wide range of substation and distribution applications. Among the lightest in the industry, these powerful tools with 2″ jaw opening are compatible with industry-standard “P” dies and are capable of handling lugs and splices up to 1250 MCM Aluminum and 1500 MCM Copper.

Substation Lineman Tools

Find full specifications of all the tools in the Series 7M Pro Line here.

Ready to learn more? Call 800-860-6170 or contact Huskie here. 

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