12 Ton Compression Tool Lunch Box Style

The REC-3510 is the largest in our line of battery operated 12 ton compression tools. The jaw opening is 1.65" and will accept mid-span copper and aluminum splices and lugs up to 750 MCM Cu/Al. When the sleeves are compressed they can be removed through the large jaw. This tool accepts all "U" type dies available on the market.; A built-in|preset 10,000 psi bypass cartridge will audibly bypass when optimal pressure is achieved. Test dies accompanied with our PG-4 can confirm the output pressure when needed. The output pressure can be adjusted via a bypass port located at the top of the tool. This tool has the most universal range of all our self-contained batter-powered tools.

12 Ton Compression Tool|Lunch Box Style

Copper Lugs & Splices #8 – 750 MCM
Aluminum Lugs & Splices #10 – 750 MCM

Product Number Description

12 Ton Compression Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Case


12 Ton Compression Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Case


12 Ton Compression Tool, Tool Case (No Batteries/Charger)