12 Ton Cutting Tool (Comm. Cable)

The REC-B105YC is designed to cut copper and aluminum cables as well as lead-sheathed telecommunication cables. The extremely large jaws and scissor-type blades allow for easy cutting of large underground cables. The sidebar handle allows the user to stabilize and balance the tool. This tool also has a built-in bypass cartridge to avoid cutter damage for those cables that are beyond the cutter’s capacity. The open jaw design allows the user to scoop up cables that are against a wall|in hard to reach areas and on the ground. NOTE: DO NOT CUT STEEL.

12 Ton Cutting Tool (Comm. Cable)

Aluminum 3.7 in.
Telecommunication 3.7 in.
Lead Sheath 2.5 in.
ACSR – Do Not Cut

Product Number Description

12 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Case


12 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Case


12 Ton Cutting Tool, Tool Case (No Batteries/Charger)