6.6 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR)

The REC-MK730Y was designed to cut ACSR cables up to 336 MCM|as well as copper cables up to 500 MCM and aluminum cables up to 1.18" outside diameter.; The hydraulic system features a rapid advance for reduced cycle times. All cuts are clean with a minimal amount of cable distortion|which allows for easy connector installation on cables. The open "C" type jaw is very convenient for the operator when reaching out to cut cable opposed to latching the cutter jaw around the cable. The head can be rotated 180° for greater maneuverability in tight working quarters. The keeper plate on the REC-MK730Y prevents jaws from spreading apart when cutting ACSR. NOTE: This tool is not recommended for cutting 4/0 Penguin or 3/0 Pigeon ACSR Cables.

6.6 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR)

Copper 500 MCM
Aluminum 1.18″ OD
Std. Guy Wire 3/8″
Bar – Do Not Cut

Product Number Description

6.6 Ton Compression Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Makita Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Bag


6.6 Ton Compression Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Makita Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Bag


6.6 Ton Compression Tool, Tool Bag (No Batteries/Charger)