6.6 Ton Cutting Tool

The REC-MK760YC works well for most underground aluminum cable cutting applications. It was designed to cut copper cables up to 500 MCM and aluminum up to 2" maximum outside diameter. The extra wide jaws make cutting the larger diameter underground cables easier. The hydraulic system is designed the same as the REC-MK758U featuring a rapid advance ram to reduce cycle time. Because of the larger cutting surface of the blades|the maximum size copper cable that can be cut is 500 MCM. Larger cables will simply cause the cutter to bypass|which is a built-in overload safety device to prevent damage to the tool. The large jaws can be placed over cables that lie flat on the ground and the cables will be scooped up as the cutting jaws are closed. All cuts are clean so that there is minimal cable distortion for cable sleeving purposes. NOTE: DO NOT CUT STEEL.

6.6 Ton Cutting Tool

Aluminum 2″ OD
Copper 500 MCM
ACSR – Do Not Cut

Product Number Description

6.6 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Makita Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Bag


6.6 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Makita Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Bag


6.6 Ton Cutting Tool, Tool Bag (No Batteries/Charger)