8 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR)

The REC-S740L battery-operated|8-ton cutting tool with a 1.6-inch jaw opening. It was designed to cut up to 1590 ACSR and regular guy wires and ground rod up to 5/8 inch. Simply remove the pin latch|place over cable|reinsert pin|and cut. This cutting tool is ergonomically balanced for one-handed operation and features a built-in bypass that will pop off if the material to be cut is beyond the capacity of the tool. It is not recommended to cut hardened steel. NOTE: DO NOT CUT EHS GUY WIRE OR CASE HARDENED STEEL RODS. See REC-S624CC|S-240CC|SP-24CC|S-32CC OR SP-32CC1 for these applications.

8 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR)

Wire Rope to 3/4 in.
Rebar (Sc 40) to 5/8 in.
Rebar (Sc 60) to 5/8 in.
Ground rod to 5/8 in.
ACSR to 1590 MCM
Std. Guy Wire to 5/8 in.
Copper and Aluminum cable to 1.5″

Product Number Description

8 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Dual-Bay Charger, Tool Case


8 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 18V/5.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Case


9 Ton Cutting Tool, Tool Case (No Batteries/Charger)