8 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR & EHS)

The REC-SB624H was designed to cut the toughest steel used in construction today. It can replace an entire tool kit|including several sizes of conventional bolt cutters|hacksaws|acetylene torches and cable cutters. The REC-SB624H was designed from the same hydraulic system as the REC-658U featuring a rapid advance ram for reduced cycle times.; With the pull of the trigger|you can cut ACSR cables up to 477|standard guy wires to 5/8"|and ground rods to 5/8". The specially designed flip-top latch and rotating head provide exceptional ease of use and maneuverability in tight working quarters. The REC-SB624H has an overload bypass|which will "kick out" when tool reaches 8 tons or is attempting to cut materials beyond its capacities.; NOTE: DO NOT CUT CASE HARDENED STEEL RODS. SEE REC-SB624CC|S-24CC|SP-24CC|S-32CC OR SP-32CC1.

8 Ton Cutting Tool (ACSR & EHS)

Wire Rope to 7/8″
Rebar (Sc 40) to 5/8 in.
Rebar (Sc 60) to 1/2 in.
Ground rod to 5/8 in.
ACSR to 477 MCM
Guy Wire to 5/8″
Guy Wire (EHS) to 7/16″

Product Number Description

8 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Case


8 Ton Cutting Tool, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Case


8 Ton Cutting Tool, Tool Case (No Batteries/Charger)