Gear-Drive Cable Cutter (ACSR)

The REC-Y33M Cable cutter is used to cut up to 636 ACSR and up to 500 MCM copper cables. The open jaw makes it easy to insert cables for one handed operation. The jaw|which incorporates a blade retainer|keeps the blade from spreading apart when cutting cable with a steel core. It features a lock-out switch for reversing the blade direction all-with one handed operation. The powerful gear drive allows the operator to quickly cut some of the toughest cables with ease. NOTE: The REC-Y33M will not cut guy wire|ground rod anchor rod or bolts. Due to material composition|the ratings are to be used as a guide. Actual capacity may vary due to overload circuit breaker protection feature.

Gear-Drive Cable Cutter (ACSR)

Aluminum to 1.25 in.
Copper to 500 MCM
ACSR to 636 MCM

Product Number Description

Gear-Drive Cable Cutter, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 120VAC Charger, Tool Case


Gear-Drive Cable Cutter, (2) 14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion, 12VDC Charger, Tool Case


Gear-Drive Cable Cutter, Tool Case (No Batteries/Charger)